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OWU Ski Club Takes Trip After a Year of Postponement

This past January, amidst uncertainty surrounding Covid for most school programs, the ski club was able to take their ski trip that was originally planned for January 2021.

In the fall semester of 2020, many members of the ski club were looking forward to the trip to Holiday Valley only to find out later that it was canceled due to the rising number of Covid cases.

This December, many members of the ski club shared the fear of this occurring again this semester.

Abby Parker, a junior who originally planned to go on last year’s trip, said “ I was actually really surprised that it worked out despite Covid.”

Abbey Eyerman, a sophomore, stated that the executive team was constantly sending out emails regarding the trip in response to rising Covid cases.

“ Everyone on the trip was constantly watching the Covid rates and checking the possibility of the trip being canceled,” Eyerman said.

In order to prevent the cancellation of the trip, the ski club’s executive team had to come up with a Covid plan. This plan consisted of mandatory mask mandates during the trip and physically distancing members on the trip.

“The whole ski club was very cautious of Covid protocols and careful to not contract or spread the virus,” Eyerman said.

The trip was a good start to the spring semester for many students. Parker said, “I know for me it helped relieve a lot of stress and gave me a much-needed mental break.”

The trip took place from January 5th through the 9th at Holiday Valley Resort. It consisted of three days of skiing, swimming and bonding with other ski club members.

“The fact that we were able to go on this trip this year, shows the potential of the ski club. Now that we’ve taken the trip, people are going to see the opportunities the club has to go to different places and enjoy new experiences,” Eyerman said.

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