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During the Fall 2021 semester, The Transcript published a total of 15 news articles, as well as 3 episodes of a web series on its webpage. As a staff, we aim to build upon this work in the Spring semester. We hope for The Transcript to be a reliable and timely resource that the campus community can use to stay informed and entertained. 

This semester, The Transcript will spotlight individuals and groups around campus that are doing meaningful work, whether in terms of academics, extracurriculars, community-building, or anything that uplifts those around them. While we plan to highlight those that are having or creating positive experiences in our community, we also acknowledge the ongoing challenges we, as a campus community face.


Whether it is the continued presence of COVID-19, heightened political polarization, or discomfort on campus, our current climate is anything but normal, and our coverage will reflect that. We hope to give voices to people within our campus community, especially those that are not always heard or respected. 

To ensure this, our staff would like to have an open line of communication with the campus community. This way, we can hear from our readers about what they hope to see published, and make sure that our coverage is accurate and wide-reaching. 

A tool we have created to facilitate such communication is a google form where anyone can submit an idea for coverage in The Transcript. The form can be found here, and we encourage participation from our campus community. 

Additionally, if anyone would like to pursue their own suggestion rather than suggesting it, we are open to that as well, they can indicate this on the form, or contact a staff member. 

Our staff is hard at work creating content to engage and inform our audience, and we look forward to continuing such work this coming semester. 



Anna Nacci 

Managing Editor 

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