The pandemic required students to navigate undeniable challenges. Students, staff, and faculty at OWU learned to adapt and cultivate a new normal by sacrificing the staples of a typical college experience. 

This year students and faculty returned to campus with the vast majority of the campus community vaccinated. One question, however, which has touched every person in the last year and a half, remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind: What now? 

The collective uncertainty about how to proceed in this stage of the pandemic inspired our staff to decide on “What now?” as the theme of this issue of the Transcript

Students are rediscovering where they stand on campus, what they hope to accomplish, change, and experience going forward, and the Transcript aims to give voice to these stories. 

The Transcript is an online student magazine created by students for the OWU community, with guidance from the Communication faculty at OWU. The  stories will be incorporated into three sections: On Campus, which includes on-campus events and developments such as the implementation of a new ride-share program in the Public Safety Department; Student Voices, which focuses on the individual experiences of students in all different aspects of the OWU community including athletics and Greek Life; and Politics and Culture, which illustrates the current political climate and pop culture trends, including a story on campus culture and one on masks in K-12 schools.

We aim to uplift students’ perspectives while documenting the state of the world and our school as we move out of the pandemic. The student editors, media creators, and writers for the Transcript contribute time and creativity and are excited to publish OWU news for the enjoyment of the community and beyond.


Halima Elmajdoubi

Editor, Student Voices