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Newly Elected Student Government Attends Retreat at Flying Horse Farms

Ohio Wesleyan organizes an overnight retreat every academic year for the newly elected members of the student government to get to know each other and as a part of the orientation for the organization.

Wesleyan Council of Student Affairs, the student government organization at Ohio Wesleyan University recently organized an election, where students at Ohio Wesleyan elected a new senate to serve the student body for 2022-2023 academic year.

The retreat was held at Flying Horse Farms camp in Morrow County, Ohio on April 8-9. It was a unique experience for the newly elected members to be off campus, and participated in various team building activities and reflected on how the activity connected to their part and contribution in WCSA.

The retreat teaches students what it means to work as a team even if there are differences in opinions, culture, or other aspects of their vision as student leaders.

The members later had a long talk with administrators about how the senate wants WCSA’s relationship currently and in future with the administration. One such speaker was Dwayne Todd, who serves as the Vice President of Student Engagement and Success, Dean of Students and Title IX coordinator at Ohio Wesleyan University.

It was a new experience for each member to bond with each other over the activities and meals.

“I had a lot of fun. I didn’t really have the chance to get to know members of the WCSA prior to the retreat so it was nice to get to know everyone better and bridge the gap. The food was too healthy but other than that it was a great and much needed experience,” said Sisi Fish who is the chair of the Academics Affairs committee in the WCSA.

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