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New Renovations on Campus

With construction happening for the past two years across campus, Ohio Wesleyan has great things to show as the campus now has a fully renovated freshman living space and a new senior living complex.

The fully renovated Smith Hall, a $31-million makeover, now houses over 390 students and has a new workout facility, gaming room, and study room.

This is the first year for the incoming freshmen to live in the building.

Freshman Landon Turnball says, “The new Smith Building feels like home and that there is really easy access to food and all of the hang out rooms and features of the building are really nice and accessible.”

The new senior living complex, Bradford Milligan Hall, is more of an apartment complex than a dormitory.

The building has four different room options, including a four-person living plan with four rooms, a six person with six rooms, a six-person with five rooms, and an eight-person plan with seven rooms.

The apartments have a full-sized fridge, freezer, stove and a spacious living room between the bedrooms.

This is the first year it's been open and the reviews are good.

Senior Zoey Price says, “I love living in the apartments. It's so much nicer than every other place I have lived on campus. It's so nice to enjoy spending time in your room and having the space to entertain friends. The freedom of having your own space to cook and hang out is really great, plus we get our own room.”

She says the place has been a great addition to the school. The buildings are also a great way to attract new students to Ohio Wesleyan campus and add business for the city.

The building's construction, which is slowly coming to an end, has turned out to be a great improvement for this year's fall semester of school.

Cole Metzler, a sophomore attending Ohio Wesleyan, says “ The new buildings are really nice and I'm sad I didn't get to live in Smith but I am really looking forward to senior year now and living in my own room”.

It’s safe to say that these renovations were appreciated and needed.

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