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Horizons International Holds Event to in Support of Ukraine

A candlelight prayer and support campaign for Ukraine and its people suffering from the Russian invasion was held outside of Beeghly Library on March 2 at 6 pm.

The event was organized by Horizons International, a student organization that fosters an international community and brings diverse cultures together on campus.

The Russian army invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin is against Ukraine’s plan to join North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an organization which consists of 28 European countries and 2 North American Countries to maintain peace in the North Atlantic, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Over 11 million people in Ukraine have fled the country since the invasion, and thousands of people have died in this war against Ukraine, as was reported by BBC.

At this candlelight support event - students, staff and faculty came in large numbers to show support for Ukraine and its people. Amongst the crowd, university’s President Rock Jones and the Chaplain Chad Johns were also present. In a speech by President Jones, he said that Ohio Wesleyan stands with the people of Ukraine, and how this war has disrupted the vision of maintaining peace in this world.

Horizons International organized candles in the color of Ukraine’s flag and yellow colored flowers to signify peace and to show support for the country.

“I was devastated when I found out what was going on because I have blood relatives who live in Odessa which was one of the major cities getting bombed. I had to come to terms with the reality that I was waking up every morning to the possibility that my grandpa didn’t live through the night. It was really scary and continues to be because we have no idea what this means for their future or our future as Russia continues the war. I hope that it will end soon so that innocent lives aren’t continuing to be lost”, said Cassandra Farber, a student at Ohio Wesleyan who also spoke at the event.

“It was heartwarming to see the whole Ohio Wesleyan community come together and support,” said Aadarsha Gopala Reddy who is the marketing director for Horizons International.

“Ohio Wesleyan is strongly committed to preparing students to help resolve conflicts and to create a more just and peaceful world”, President Rock said in an email he sent later to the Ohio Wesleyan community.

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