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OWU Announces Partnership with University of Navarra

Studying abroad is considered to be one of the most helpful ways to connect aliberal arts education with the outside world, and Ohio Wesleyan’s wide variety of programs in almost every continent of the world can give students choices to go and study anywhere they want.

Ohio Wesleyan University offers various study abroad opportunities through its International and Off-Campus Programs office located in Merrick Hall on campus.

OWU has announced a new partnership with the University of Navarra at the Pamplona Campus in Spain for next fall. The university is a private catholic university founded in 1952 and consists of 4 campus locations in Spain including Pamplona.

University of Navarra is ranked number one in Spain, 3rd in Europe and one of the best private universities in the country. Ohio Wesleyan students will get to take classes and interact with Spanish students. This university offers 39 undergraduate degrees in various subjects.

Pamplona is a vibrant, comfortable, welcoming, modern and mid-sized city which is also well connected to major cities including Madrid, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Navarre is the Spanish region with varied landscapes and normal weather conditions all year round.

Studying abroad includes some steps to prepare before students can catch their flight to their destination, such as meeting with their advisor and the International and Off-Campus Programs Office. Each resource will help students facilitate their study abroad experience.

"OWU is excited to begin our new partnership with the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain this fall! The University of Navarra is a highly ranked institution that offers a quality education for our students interested in Spanish studies and the liberal arts,” said Lisa Ho, who is the Assistant Director of the IOCP office.

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