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WCSA Invites Student Participation

WCSA, Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs, is a title many on campus have heard, but may not know exactly what WCSA does.

Any club on campus most likely relies on WCSA, OWU’s student government, for a lot of their funding. WCSA works to create budgets for clubs on campus, allocating funds so that everyone on campus has the chance to do their favorite activities.

WCSA also had a recent election for Senators, Secretary, Treasurer, President and Vice President. If students would like to be a part of WCSA, they still have a chance to join in the fall semester.

As a part of the government, students can be on different committees like the Academic Affairs Committee, Administrative Policy Committee, Budget Committee, Student Inclusion Advocacy Committee (SIAC), and Student Life Committee.

WCSA meetings are open to students, so someone doesn't have to be a member of WCSA to be involved.

The WCSA page found on the OWU website says “Town Hall meetings will be hosted the first Monday of each month. Students will be able to speak about concerns on campus or ideas for the student government to work on to improve campus life.” These meetings are typically held during the lunch hour in the Benes room.

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