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Transitioning to College Life Brings Excitement and Challenges for Students and Families

College is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking experience for both students and families.

Two Ohio Wesleyan University first-year students shared their hopes and surprises from their first college semester. Maizie Frank said she was looking forward to having more independence and the chance to start her own life.

“In high school, you were often told what to do and when to do it, but in college, you have more freedom and control over your schedule and can make choices that will impact you and your future,” Frank said.

Lauren Gray said the first semester came with excitement and challenges.

“I was really excited to meet new people and learn from my professors,” Gray said. “It became a lot more difficult to manage time since I had more freedom and nobody was looking over me at all times.”

Parents and families can also be affected by new beginnings for their children. Not having their child at home or getting to see them every day can be difficult. Mrs. Micky Frank, Maizie’s mother, said she was excited and challenged by the transition to college for her daughter.

“I’m proud of my daughter for taking this big and exciting step. I cannot wait to see what her future holds for her.”

Mrs. Frank is excited her daughter has met so many new friends, but she has her moments when she misses her daughter too.

“I’m also a bit sad that she’s not at home anymore, but I know that she’s in a great place and that she’ll continue to grow and learn from OWU,” Frank stated.

Starting college is a major transition for not only students but their families too. While there are challenges, such as adjusting or managing differently, there are also many exciting opportunities for growth and self-discovery. First-year students and parents are excited about students’ futures and eager to see what it holds.

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