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The "ESPN" of OWU

Those walking through campus will turn their heads when they see the busiest walkway, “the JAY”, filled with spray painted sheets hung with the hottest upcoming sports events. It could be described as walking through a sports reporting event.

This unique tradition keeps students updated on the newest upcoming sports events. But one still might ask their friends “What time should we leave for the game?”

Many colleges have traditions that are related to their sports teams. Most of the time the traditions are only linked to their football teams as some way to keep the student body aware of game days. However, at OWU, this tradition has been ongoing for all fall sports to participate in.

To get a good idea on how the OWU student body felt about this tradition, multiple students gave their opinion.

“Ever since I’ve been here it’s been a tradition that brought the freshmen together,” said Ella Cressy, a senior soccer player. “It has been a tradition for many years. When I was a freshman, I saw seniors that had flags, and I’ve loved to see how this tradition has continued all the way until this year, now that I’m a senior.”

Not only have the student athletes enjoyed coming together to make their own flags, but people who support the teams also find this tradition unique and helpful.

Noah Citek, a freshman from California, really appreciates the flags that get hung on the JAY. He said, “It works as a mental note when I go to and from classes. I then can make plans around the work I have to be able to support the different teams.”

Evidently, those on the teams at OWU look forward to participating in this tradition as student athletes, but all students feel like it helps reiterate the news posted by email.

“[It] gives the whole campus a fun college, jockey vibe,” said Ryan O’Neil, a sophomore soccer player. “It also encourages students to support each other. I mean who wouldn’t want to go watch a game of their peers?”

So, the next time students are on the JAY, they should look around and find games that they can go to. The OWU sports’ teams can never have enough fans. Especially if they’re rooting for the Battling Bishops!

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