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Students consider housing options for the upcoming school year

Updated: Mar 28

Choosing where to live on campus and who to live with can be a difficult choice. The fall 2023 housing application is due at the end of the month, and Ohio Wesleyan students are trying to decide their best options.

You end up spending a lot of time with your roommates. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience already, or you’re worried about having one in the future.

Annabel Benes, a junior, has lived with many roommates over the last few years.

“Go with your gut,” she said. “If you've lived with some of your roommates and you don’t get along and you want something different, it's fine to live with someone different and try something new.”

Your experiences with who you live with will be more significant than your housing experiences, according to Benes. She has lived in multiple dorms, but she doesn’t think one is better than the other.

“I would say to be open to all,” she said. “I feel like all the options are pretty standard. And more often than not you get what you want. The main thing is just figuring out who you want to live with if you want to live with someone.”

Sophomore Sophie Greenbaum agrees with Benes about roommates. Having a good roommate or roommates is extremely important to your living situation.

“Pick someone you can have a genuine connection with,” she said. “It is important to room with someone who you feel comfortable around because you will need to be vulnerable with them. Pick someone that you feel comfortable being honest with and also someone who has the same morals and values as you.”

Greenbaum doesn’t agree with Benes that all housing options are suitable. She thinks more consideration is needed in picking the right place to live because of personal experience.

“I don’t recommend living in Stuy because the rooms are too small and also the walls are very thin,” she said. “The bathrooms are small and get dirty pretty easily. A room with a common room is preferable so residents can do work late at night without waking up their roommates. Stuy doesn’t have a common room.”

Diversity can be found in OWU’s housing options. It may be hard to figure out which is the best fit for you. An anonymous sophomore provided some considerations when selecting where to live.

“See if you can live without air conditioning,” they said. “Also, see if you can form connections with the people you are living with, like do you feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with them? Do you want a common room, or do you just want a shared bathroom?”

While finalized roommates and housing preferences are due on March 29th, the challenge of finding the perfect living situation is a never-ending struggle.

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