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Student Holds “Reproductive Rights Info Night” Event

After a tumultuous summer following the events of the Roe v. Wade case, Anna Nacci, a junior Politics and Government and Philosophy major, took it upon herself to inform the OWU community on reproductive rights.

This presentation also served as a house project for the Service Engagement and Leadership small living unit in which she is a part of. During the event, she gave information about where Ohio stands on the situation and where you could find proper care.

“I am very passionate in my belief that everyone should have access to safe and legal abortion. Part of that is knowing one's legal rights, and where they can receive care,” Nacci said.

She also provided food and arts & crafts to everyone who attended as well as a Kahoot! game in between slides to make the presentation more engaging.

“Whether or not you agree that abortion should be legal, I think it is hard to argue with the idea that everyone should be given accurate information about their rights and options for care”, stated Nacci on what she would say to the OWU community regarding her project.

She also encourages everyone who feels drawn to do so, to contact her at if they have any questions or concerns regarding any further developments, including a newsletter with updates on the laws, which she will be sending out in the spring

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