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Seniors reflect on community built at OWU

As seniors stroll through the Ohio Wesleyan campus and downtown Delaware, their mixed emotions are palpable. For these soon-to-be graduates, every turn reminds them of memories of their past four years at OWU, defined by personal growth and pivotal moments, all linked to the close friendships they have nurtured throughout their time in undergrad. 

True for many Ohio Wesleyan alumni, the relationships created during the transformative time on this campus leave the greatest lasting impact. These bonds transcend dorm walls, are greater than homework assignments or classes, and become integral parts of student identities. 

Jenn Lee, a senior Business Administration- Marketing major says, “Over the course of my almost four years at OWU, I have not only experienced the OWU Connection, through studying abroad in Prague and interning at KeyBank with SOTC, but I have also grown in my values, learned about myself and where my passions lie, and most of all, created lifelong friendships. Although OWU has given me so much in experience, not a day goes by where I can’t help but be eternally and most grateful for the people, that OWU gave me.” 

Home to just over 1,400 students, the Ohio Wesleyan campus is home to an extremely small and tight-knit campus community. Seniors celebrate themselves through long-held traditions, such as the fall Senior Toast, or spring 50 Day Club, which provides a space for community amongst their classmates. Just weeks before these students walk across the Merrick Hall patio to collect their diplomas, these moments become more cherished than ever before. 

“At Ohio Wesleyan, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite people in the world. The friends I’ve made here make me a better person every day,” says Emily Streeter, a senior Sports Management major, “Not only do they cheer for me louder than anyone else in my life and are there for me whenever I need support. I’m so grateful for all the laughs, smiles, and memories we’ve made together. I know that these connections are so special and will continue even when we aren’t living in the same town anymore. Heading into graduation I know that these people will always feel like home and I’m so thankful for that.” 

As commencement nears for Ohio Wesleyan’s class of 2024, the melancholy of leaving their second home has settled in, however, the friendships they have created will extend far beyond the campus of Ohio Wesleyan.

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