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OWU Baseball Begins First Official Weeks of Practice with Confidence

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The Ohio Wesleyan baseball team opened with its first official week of practice, fresh and excited to be in the field house putting in work as the season ramps up.

Many emotions are present when dedicated men get the opportunity to begin a special journey again.

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Baseball, America’s pastime, has been a staple in the sports industry. Many people dedicate years to this difficult sport, but some dedicate their whole career to the perfection of baseball.

OWU’s Coach Tyler Mott continues to lead the baseball team to victories. He noticed the emotions going around during this vital week.

“The first week of practice is always an exciting time and the guys are really juiced up to get the season going.”

Mott said the key to win more games will be to “maintain that energy and effort once the ‘newness’ of the season wears off.”

His confidence, rivaled only by a few talented individuals, is supported by the backbone of these Battling Bishops. Joey DeRusso, in his fourth season as a Bishop, says he explains a concern for the season.

“Having another bad season like the past couple of years” is definitely in the back of his mind. However, DeRusso is fully convinced that this year will be different.

“A lot of upperclassmen are coming back. . . and [they] should make a big impact” along with a “very talented” freshman class.

DeRusso continues to display his positive attitude about the baseball team, and he seems excited to see the training ramp up.

Max Pershin, another senior, feels that “the moral and chemistry" seems to be “clicking

right now.”

Photos courtesy of Sydney Vernadakis

The spirits of the OWU baseball team are through the roof right now, with hopes that nothing could possibly get in their way this season. When asked about some of the key proponents who stand out about the team, he responded by saying we are “a more mentally tough team as a whole.”

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