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Oh what? Oh woo!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Welcome to the new school year of 2022. For some of us in the campus community, it is our first time being on campus and for a lot of us, we are just coming back.

If you are new to OWU then you probably haven't heard of all the organizations on campus. One of the best ways to get involved on campus is by attending the student involvement fair.

The Student Involvement Fair is when representatives of each organization at OWU reserve a table to give students a chance to ask questions, sign up, or just get information about what our campus has to offer. This year’s event took place on August 31, from 6-8 on Rowland Avenue.

The event is a great opportunity to meet new people, build connections and get a glimpse of what campus life could be for you. There is no harm in joining an organization, as it is highly recommended in order to get the full college

Some of the organizations that are represented at the involvement fair include but are not limited to are, Greek Life chapters , clubs, intramural sports teams, religious groups, music groups, clubs, and organizations, etc.

Many students created a personalized station that would grab the attention of others making the fair a success. But just in case you missed the big event, you still have a chance to join any of the organizations on campus. Students can learn more about clubs by visiting the student involvement office, or contacting the group on social media.

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