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Bishops Lacrosse looks to continue legacy of success

The Ohio Wesleyan Men’s lacrosse program has been a powerhouse in the NCAC for many years. With 25 NCAC Championships and 34 NCAA tournament appearances, this team has brought in many successful players and has been led by a great coaching staff.  

When the team was asked about why they chose the Ohio Wesleyan Men's lacrosse program senior captain Ethan Shaw responded that the team’s culture brought him in.

“I knew this place was the right fit for me. Head Coach Plantholt has created a brotherhood and turned this program around and I wanted to play for a successful team.” 

The Ohio Wesleyan Lacrosse team has been constantly making the NCAC playoffs and showing how dominant they are against NCAC opponents. However, these last 2 years they have come up short losing to Kenyon both years in the semi-finals.

 “The team we have this year is really special. We worked really hard this offseason and we are all ready for this upcoming season. It’s my senior year and I want to do something special, especially bringing a conference championship back to this school,” Shaw said. 

Sophomore attacker Will Seigenthaler said the program has helped him as a person.

“I chose this program because of how dominant this program has been in the NCAC. I also really enjoyed talking to our coaching staff. Coach Plantholt and the assistants saw something in me and I know they will help me become a better person on and off the field.”  

Seigenthaler enjoyed his first season with the Battling Bishops being one of the players with the most points on the team as a freshman. 

“It was a lot of fun with a new team, and I had some great games thanks to our offensive coordinator who helped me be successful,” Seiganthaler said. 

Colin Counahan, a sophomore defender, came to OWU to be a part of a successful team. 

“One of the old assistant coaches at this school was a coach of mine in high school and he really wanted me to come play for this program. I knew Ohio Wesleyan was a successful program and I wanted to play for a high caliber team. When coming to see the school and meet with the other coaches I knew I wanted to come here.”

Counahan had a great relationship with Mike Perrino who was the offensive coordinator for the Battling Bishops and his coach in high school. This relationship helped Counahan later become a part of the lacrosse program. 

Sophomore midfielder Garrett Smith had a great freshman year with the Battling Bishops. Netting 18 goals and 15 assists, Smith received a Second Team All-NCAC selection. He is another player who appreciates the school’s tradition.

“I reached out to Coach Plantholt and hopped on a call with him. I enjoyed him telling me about the tradition of this program and the academic side of the university. I ended up visiting the school and seeing Selby Field and loved everything.” 

Smith is ready to begin his second season with the Bishops and hopefully win a conference championship. 

The Ohio Wesleyan Men’s lacrosse team’s 2024 season is just a few weeks around the corner. Their season opener is against 2023 PAC Conference Champions Grove City February 17th and should be a great test for the Bishops.

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