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A Bright Future for OWU Baseball

Photos courtesy of Sydney Vernadakis.

Ohio Wesleyan baseball is working hard to make the most of their fall practice days to strive for success in the spring.

Coming off of two hot games against Otterbein, the Ohio Wesleyan baseball team is feeling good about where they are going into their last week of fall practices.

“We were very happy with our fall scrimmage especially with this year's taking place a little earlier in our fall season than last year,” said assistant coach Jon Koepf.

Feeling good about the way the fall has been spent the team moves on to their annual black versus red World Series. The team is split into two teams for an inter-squad scrimmage. Having their own draft night to help bring up morale and build on the great team chemistry they have been working hard to build.

“The World Series is a great way to end the season in a competitive way and something we look forward to every year,” said Koepf

With chemistry being an important part of how a team functions as a unit the baseball team has been working hard to build and maintain the community they have both on and off the field. Bringing in 13 freshman and having more than 20 returners they have worked hard to include the freshman and learn as much as they can about each other.

“We have a really good group of guys so there was never really a question as to whether or not everyone would get along,” said senior Max Pershin.

Even the spectators saw the bond the team had gained so quickly and the strength that it gave for them to be able play as a cohesive team.

“They came out strong and consistent both at the plate and in the field. With minimal errors I think the spring will be good for them” said a spectator from the Otterbein scrimmage.

With a bright future ahead for them the Ohio Wesleyan baseball will continue to put in work over the next week for fall practices as well as continued training in the weightroom in the winter until the spring season finally rolls around.

“I am expecting us to make vast improvements in terms of our results come spring,” said Pershin.

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