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WCSA Makes Student Voices Heard

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs serves as Ohio Wesleyan’s student government. The council’s core responsibilities are funding clubs and representing the student body.

The council is a student-run organization that meets weekly to discuss an agenda created by the student leaders within the club. Student issues end up on this agenda and are discussed during the meetings.

“Students should be encouraged to speak with their WCSA representatives should they have questions about matters relating to the university,” said WCSA Advisor Brad Pulcini.

There are five committees that address different campus issues. The committees are: Student Life, Student Committee on Inclusion and Advocacy, Public Relations, Budget Committee, and Academic Affairs.

The student activity fee is also allocated by the council and distributed to the various clubs and organizations on campus.

The budget committee is important because they’re the ones who allocate the student activity fee. The committee reviews budget requests and subsequently decides how much funding each club and organization receives.

There are specific items that the council is allowed to fund which is another reason why the budget committee is important. Without them the council would fund items that could, for example, be acquired from the Student Involvement Office.

Every year the number of university clubs increases meaning the amount of funding needed also increases. To offset this increase of funding, the council is working on passing a resolution to raise the student activity fee. By raising the activity fee, the council can fund more student organizations.

To join the council, an application can be found in the OWU Daily throughout the semester. Anyone can sit in on meetings and do not have to be a member to attend. It is important for the voice of every student to be heard in meetings regardless of membership. The council meets every Monday from 12:10 pm-1:00 pm in Corns 312.

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