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Transcript Appoints Leadership for the Spring Semester

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

(Left: Sisi, Right: Anna)

Heading into the Spring 2022 semester, The Transcript has appointed students to leadership positions on the staff.

Sierra Fish, a sophomore majoring in Communications with a minor in Fine Arts, will be the social media editor of The Transcript this spring.

This is her second semester in the social media editor position for The Transcript. Her role includes running the social media accounts, posting articles on the website, and marketing for The Transcript.

On campus she likes to draw, watch movies and make money through her various jobs. This semester she hopes to accomplish many things, including but not limited to increasing membership of The Transcript and increasing The Transcript’s presence on campus.

"Social media has probably been the best way to bring more traffic to The Transcript, I noticed that a lot more people were reading articles after posting about said articles on Instagram. Without social media I bet there’d be fewer readers than there are now,” Fish said. She looks forward to working on The Transcript another semester and can’t wait to start rolling out articles.

Anna Nacci, a sophomore from Wooster, Ohio majoring in Politics and Government, will be The Transcript managing editor for the Spring 2022 semester.

Nacci previously served as the editor of the Politics and Culture section for The Transcript in the Fall. The managing editor will oversee and assist with the production of articles and other content for the website, as well as coordinate with the staff to ensure the timeliness and quality of such work.

The appointment of students to new leadership positions will allow The Transcript to build upon the work done in the past semesters. The staff also hopes to grow its ranks to produce as much quality content as possible.

“We are always looking for contributors and would love for anyone interested to join the staff for the Spring semester. Students can join as writers or digital media producers. The Transcript can be a great place to refine one’s writing skills and pursue interests they are passionate about through journalism,” Nacci said.

Students can join the staff for the semester and earn .25, .5, or 1 credit, and should contact Professor John McGory at if interested.

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