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Students Struggle to Find Parking on Campus

Parking on the OWU campus has become a problem for the students.

With a limited number of parking spots, students have to risk getting tickets and eventually the possibility of getting “booted” by Public Safety. A boot costs about seventy five dollars to be removed.

As seen above, students have even had to park on the OWU lawns because of the lot being at full capacity.

All of these students who are in the right in this situation are the ones who have previously purchased parking permits and are getting ticketed when they can’t find a spot. The permits are not cheap making the extra payments for the tickets a hassle.

Students are also limited on their way to class due to the fact that those parking spots are all taken as well. “A Parking” is meant for teachers but is sometimes used by students who simply can’t find a spot near their classes and resort to taking a risk.

They should not be parking in these spots; however, with the risk of being late for class and the lack of parking, the students sometimes have no other option.

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