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Students enjoy COIN concert; hope for similar events in the future

Dancing, mingling, singing, and hitting friends with the free OWU balloon boom sticks. All these and more were seen at the COIN Concert hosted on Friday, September 8th 2023.

This concert event was a new experience for current OWU students leading to the expression of multiple perspectives on the event, including their experiences at this concert, their thoughts, and future expectations.

Photo courtesy of Joe Maiorana via OWU Flickr.

Students were asked if they knew the people playing at this concert, and if they came because they knew the people playing, or to just enjoy a free concert. Interviews with students yielded evenly split results on these questions.

Some were not drawn by the band’s name recognition, such as Freshman Sarah Youngless. “No, I have never heard of them,” she said.

Others, however, were excited to see the announcement of COIN’s presence. “Yes, they’re one of my favorite bands actually,” said Sophomore Sam Johnson.

These answers lead to another question: would students want another concert? The opportunity to hear other artists of their choosing to come to this campus and play enticed them and the overwhelming majority of students interviewed to say yes. Students thought it was a great idea to do more concerts, as it was an enjoyable experience to get out and have fun without having to go too far from the dorms.

Students from all age groups enthusiastically answered that they would like to have more concerts on campus, including Sophomores Jordan Bennet and Maddie Paulley, as well as Junior Amelia Thrasher.

In addition to the musical act, the students were given free items to have during the concert including pom-poms, inflatable boom sticks, and glowing glasses. There was even a merchandise table. Students seemed to love their free stuff, as they could be spotted throughout the crowd. Especially the boom sticks, which students could be seen hitting their friends with and having a great time. And when the music started, the boom sticks could be seen flailing in the crowd.

So it begs the question: do students enjoy free items along with events that happened on campus? Does this help boost the event even more? Just like how they want more concerts, students also love the free stuff.

In response to the question, “Do you like the free items? Do you think it was a good idea?” students once again shared their approval.

Photo courtesy of Maya Koob.

“Yeahhh!” Screamed Sophomore Oliver Bangerter.

“I think they’re really cool,” said Freshman Haley Young.

Watching students hit each other with the boom sticks and flailing them around having a great time seemed to be what the student body needed. A nice distraction from the long week of studies. Giving students a nice break to enjoy times with her friends, and to listen to music.

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