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Students Battle for Chance to Win at Soul Train Singo

Soul Train Singo challenged students to test their musical knowledge about Black-created genres for the opportunity to win prizes.

It occurred in Smith Dining Hall on February 10th at 9-11 p.m. Soul Train Singo was part of a series of events called “Late Night at Smith”.

Staff from Residential Life and the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMSA) hosted the event. In the picture, the individuals on the left and right are Residential Life Coordinators Angel Tyler and Laken Moreno, respectively. In between them is Kara Cannon, an intern at OMSA.

The event included multiple different song categories, including R&B, soul, Motown and rap/hip hop. Songs from this category were randomly played, and students that recognized the name of the song would place a chip on their board.

For each category, multiple winners were selected before the hosts moved on to the next one. In between these rounds, the hosts asked a few questions about artists in these categories, and the first person to answer a question first could also win.

When someone completed a row of chips or answered one of the questions correctly, they were awarded prizes from the table, some of which included multiple items as one prize.

These items included shirts, movies, books, and laundry supplies.

Soul Train Singo was also sponsored by Residential Life and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.

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