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Students and faculty find value in CNX 100 course

Morgan Gioffredo is a first-year student from Castalia, Ohio. She took CNX 100 in the fall and thought that, although the course wasn’t one that related to her interests, it was an interesting course.

“I enjoyed learning a lot of different things in [the course] and different things about college,” said Gioffredo. “We connected it to our hometown a lot, so it was cool seeing everyone’s perspectives about Delaware and about Ohio Wesleyan.” 

Gioffredo’s first semester at Ohio Wesleyan was pretty good. She did struggle with the change from living at home with her parents to living in a dorm with other students, but she feels that it’s getting better.

“My overall experience has been pretty nice. I like the services they have here, they’re very good. The classes are nice and small. I haven’t had any problems with any professors, they’ve all been very helpful and willing to help,” said Gioffredo. 

Roland McGurr is a first-year student from Hudson, Ohio. He was in the Bridge Program over the summer and he felt that it helped him in preparation for the school year. He took CNX 100, that was Bridge specific, in the fall. 

“I enjoyed the class, and I thought it was helpful and I think it’s a good thing,” said McGurr.  

McGurr enjoyed his first semester at Ohio Wesleyan. 

“There were some times where I was really exhausted, but that’s just part of it, everyone feels that way, but I always knew I had people I could talk to, and some friends, so that’s always great,” said McGurr “but overall the semester was really good.”

Susan Gunasti, an OWU professor, taught CNX 100 in the 2022-2023 school year, when the course was being piloted. She also taught the course in the fall, and is currently teaching it this semester. 

“I really enjoyed it. It’s been really good watching the students further develop their skills in the areas that we emphasize in the class,” said Gunasti. “The discussions we have, it’s been really nice.” 

Her favorite part of the course was getting to discuss, and deal with, different topics. She feels that the course does help first-year students. 

“You can definitely see the skills that we emphasize like critical reading and info literacy, I do think that it helps first-year students,” said Gunasti. 

She also feels that the students improved in the course. 

“We had some critical reading assessments at the beginning and the end, and you could definitely see an improvement,” said Gunasti.  

Gunasti feels that the most important part of the course is “its ability to help students be good college students. Prepared college students.”

Overall students seem to be enjoying this course, and feel that it is helpful. Professors of the course also feel that the course is helpful for improving skills, as well as just becoming more comfortable in college. 

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