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Student Organizations Encourage New Membership

It’s that time of year again, Bishops! Crawling out of the cripplingly lonely nightmare of the past two years can be a little tough, so why not join a student organization? Here’s a few of the newer or newly updated ones that would love some new members! Interested students can visit to sign up!

Anime Club - Since their president, Finn Jackson, left last year, the club has found a new leader in Brooke Black, who’s hoping to make it an excellent first year! Meetings haven’t started yet, and times are still being decided, so fans of anime and manga still have time to join. Students can also join simply if they enjoy hanging around with fun, energetic people! Snacks are provided. Email for more details!

OWU Esports - Got skill at a multiplayer game? Want to become better? The OWU ESports team wants anyone who does! Featuring Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, Valorant and many, many more, members no doubt find friends there if they’ve got a competitive spirit. The ESports Arena is also the only air conditioned room in Welch, which is a pretty sweet deal, according to a club member. Email for more details.

Hillel - Any student that is interested in learning more about Judaism, or part of the Jewish faith should check out Hillel. They’re a cozy, tight-knit group dedicated to celebrating and exploring Jewish culture, and are open to anyone curious! E-mail if interested.

Board Game Club - For the more traditional game fan or those with a stressful schedule, Board Game Club is an excellent pick. It’s a relaxed, goofy time that’ll absolutely leave members feeling refreshed, even if they wind up just talking with everyone the whole time instead of playing. For more info, contact

Medieval Fighting Club - One that students will want to join sooner than later, as this club gives the most when they join the first semester! Medieval Fighting Club provides enthusiasts and novices alike a place to exercise, socialize, and hone aspects like coordination, balance and strength by practicing and sparring with authentic medieval combat techniques. Any students that want to make friends, get outside more, or simply just wonder how on Earth something like this could work, give it a go! Email for questions!

Creative Writing Club - Want to share personal writing without being judged? Creative Writing Club provides a space for students to share work with others, whether it be poetry, essays, articles, anything creative! Email for questions.

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