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Smith Hall Residents Struggle to Control High Volume

Being a freshman and a Smith Hall resident has been tough and exciting all at once, especially considering the issue of high volume on many of the floors.

Smith Hall accommodates students of all kinds and personalities on each floor and has its pros and cons but the main issue is the loud noise and rowdy kids that has caused disturbance on some floors.

The disturbances even resulted in the resignation of the RAs of the fifth and third floor, as they report. Reportedly, students who are light sleepers and not used to the noise have been really disturbed on 4 out of 5 floors in Smith Hall West and East.

Especially the 2nd floor Smith Hall East, which is considered to be the honors floor, has made the RA’s disappointed.

Samavi Sultana, the Residential Assistant of the second floor adds, “I am the RA of the second floor of Smith Hall east which has been reported to be the most troublesome and I won’t disagree. Especially on the weekends and the mid-weekdays students around 2am midnight would make noise in the form of shouting and playing loud music. Some days it is tolerable, like on the weekends but it’s difficult on weekdays. This floor has its share of noise complaints, but it is not as bad as some of the others.”

“I mean if the students don’t understand the discipline policy and requests to calm down, I think the other individual then must tolerate it and get used to it… A lot of damages in the Smith lounge had occurred over the last semester but we are hoping for the best in this spring semester, since warnings have been given,” as Samavi Sultana reports.

Over the course of the year, those living in Smith Hall have learned to live with the noise.

“The experience over the last semester has been a bit of a struggle and fun too. I don’t mind the noise, but it gets a bit irritating at times since I am a light sleeper, and it gets difficult to sleep at night. But it can be bearable on the weekends since I am up late on the weekends myself.”

“Overall, it’s not a bad experience but since my room is opposite to the exit door, so the constant noise of closing doors gets disturbing at times. It has its negatives being in this hall, but I believe it's something that comes with living on campus,” explains Smith Hall resident Amna Ashfaq.

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