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Slocum Hall Reopens after Renovation

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The moment that everyone at Ohio Wesleyan University has been waiting for arrived. Slocum Hall, standing in between University Hall and Sturges Hall, reopened on October 7 from its $11.25 million renovation.

Solcum Hall opened its doors in 1898 as the university's library - a spacious building with gorgeous glass ceilings. It was used for 123 years before a donation was given in 2021 to begin a renovation.

The remake consists of modernizations, allowing Solcum to be more functional for students and faculty.

Once opened the building will be the new home of the Honors and Scholars program, the OWU Connection, and a study lounge; in addition to Career Connections, the Office of Administrations, and Financial Aid.

OWU students appear to be enthusiastic about the renovation and reopening.

“I’m super excited!” says Ava Hurd, a sophomore. “I’ve been in Slocum just once for a tour…from what I remember it was gorgeous.”

“When I first saw the building, I couldn’t wait to use its study lounge, but I’ve heard that the moderations might have changed it,” said Halle Dacek, a freshman. “I hope it still exceeds my expectations.”

In high hopes that Slocum Hall hits everyone's high expectations one student expressed her excitement for the historical aspect of the building.

“I love historical buildings!” said Kelsea Cooper, a freshman. “I’ve never been inside and I’m extremely excited to learn and see the history that Slocum captivates.”

With the new renovations, Solcum Hall will continue to express its history, by being an aesthetically pleasing study lounge and a hub of important offices for everyone at OWU.

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