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School athletics at all levels provide valuable experiences for students

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Athletics are one way students are getting involved on Ohio Wesleyan’s campus this semester.

“Playing a sport can benefit not only your physical health and fitness, but your mental health and wellness. It is really great to be able to put your day aside…and clear your head,” said Lindsey Mayor, a freshman volleyball player at Ohio Wesleyan.

The university offers three levels of sports: varsity, club, and intramural. Each level varies in intensity and time commitment.

The most intense is varsity. Ohio Wesleyan has 24 varsity teams. Each team practices throughout the year, and plays games at Ohio Wesleyan and at other schools during their season.

Grace Lilly, a freshman lacrosse player, describes some benefits and drawbacks of playing a varsity sport.

“It is…a quick way to meet people and makes campus feel more comfortable…I have already formed some great friendships and feel very welcomed into the team. However, sometimes I do not have a lot of time to do my homework during the day and end up having to stay up later than ideal, but we have study resources…to keep us on track.”

There is no denying their schedules are busy. Lilly says even in the off season the team practices about 3-4 times a week and lifts outside of practice.

Many students are not willing to make this time commitment. A club or an intramural sport is a good choice for these students.

Ohio Wesleyan currently has nine club teams. Club teams are similar to varsity teams. They have coaches and sometimes travel to play other teams. However, they are student-run, and their schedules are lighter and less strict.

Intramural sports are even less structured. They meet once a week and play against each other, rather than other schools. This semester Ohio Wesleyan is offering two intramural sports: sand volleyball and spikeball.

Nia Barjatya, a freshman international student who plays intramural sand volleyball, describes how intramural sports are a good way to stay active for those looking for a smaller commitment.

“We basically gain a full body workout. It builds up strength which keeps you active…also it builds muscles.”

It is never too late to get involved in athletics on campus!

Lilly gives advice to those thinking about joining a sport of any level.

“To those considering, I would tell them that it is a great idea for building community and feeling welcomed on campus.”

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