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SAGAN Academic Resource Center provides meaningful resources

Whether or not you are struggling in any of your classes, the SAGAN Academic Resource Center has got you covered.

Located in Hamilton-Williams Campus Center room 324, the SAGAN ARC is home to many different programs. There are tools located here that are all aimed at helping students succeed.

SAGAN ARC is composed of the Academic Skills Center, Accessibility Services Office, Peer Tutoring services, Quantitative Skills Center, and Writing Center. Any student is able to access these resources at any time they feel necessary or they want to.

Katy Wood, the Coordinator of the Academic Skills Center, talked about why academic resources are important. Photo courtesy of

“I 100% believe that tutoring, and academic support in general, leads to better grades. Beyond general assistance with understanding content, knowing that there is an entire office of peer and professional staff rooting for your success helps to boost students' confidence. As the Coordinator of the Academic Skills Center, I've helped to connect students with tutors when they are struggling in a course, and anecdotally, nearly all of them have immediately seen an improvement not only in their exam grades, but in their understanding of the material as well.”

People are usually afraid to get tutoring, due to a stigma that is often associated with it. People view getting tutored as a sign of weakness, but this isn’t what tutoring is about at all.

Even if you aren’t struggling, tutoring can help you to strengthen your knowledge. It isn’t a sign of weakness to realize either you need help or you want to understand more fully. Wood urges students not to be nervous about tutoring.

“College is hard, and you aren't meant to do it alone, which is why my colleagues and I have jobs. If you're still apprehensive to seek support, try going with a group- gather up a few friends from one of your classes and make a plan to attend walk-in hours or schedule a group appointment. Also, ask around- chances are, you have a roommate, teammate, friend, or classmate who has directly experienced the benefits of tutoring at OWU.”

SAGAN ARC recently moved from Corns to Hamilton-Williams Campus Center. Thai change occurred because this organization outgrew the room they had in Corns. Needing to have more room for all the offices and to hold tutoring, since Beeghly Library is currently closed, is what prompted this permanent move.

The Academic Resource Center is a tool that is to be used by all students. It can be the difference that takes your B to an A, your D to a C, or even your C to an A. Wood wants to emphasize that they are always there to help anyone.

“Even if you are doing well in all of your classes, it can still be beneficial to visit our office. Tutoring and academic support in general are designed to assist all students. If you have any questions about our services, you are always welcome to contact us at, or to contact me directly at”

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