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Ryan Stow Joins Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Ohio Wesleyan’s lacrosse program has been very successful over the years. That success leads to assistant coaches moving on for head coaching jobs thanks to the work of Coach Mike Plantholt.

If you were a recruit or commit coming into school, how would you feel if you needed to meet a completely new assistant coach who didn't recruit you?

Coach Ryan Stow, the newest assistant lacrosse coach at Ohio Wesleyan arrived on campus in the summer of 2022. Stow grew up in Portland, Oregon, where it was normal for kids not to play lacrosse.

Stow didn't pick up a stick until he was in the 7th grade when he stopped playing baseball to play lacrosse. After being a two-year varsity starter in high school, Stow moved on to play in college where he played in three different NCAA tournaments.

His first college job as a coach was at Westminster College right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ever since Stow could remember he wanted to be a great coach. His first ever coaching job was in high school where he coached younger kids.

He realized there was a lack of good coaching in the area and he participated in local camps helping kids who needed better coaching. Stow graduated from college and decided to stay home and coach at his local high school.

He got a break when Stow’s friend and former teammate got the head coaching job at Westminster College.

His friend brought him along and the two were able to get the program up and running. His experience at Westminster helped him grow as a coach, allowing him to move on to OWU where he serves as offensive coordinator.

“The expectation here is to win and that's something I haven't had yet in my coaching career. I wouldn't say there is added pressure, but more a challenge I was ready to accept,” Stow said about moving to OWU, where the university has appeared in nine final fours, and appeared in four NCAA championships and is in the top five in the nation for tournament appearances.

One could say Stow is excited for this opportunity and the big step in his career. He said he’s excited to work with Coach Planthold, with the last nine coaches having gone to get their own head coaching jobs.

“That is something I am definitely striving for,” Stow said.

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