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Professors present at annual i-Qubed Lectures

On Thursday, February 29th in Gray Chapel, Ohio Wesleyan presented its annual i-Qubed lectures.

These lectures have become an important part of the OWU community and gives professors a chance to speak about things that they are interested in.

The only catch is that they only have 3 minutes to do this. A difficult task, a total of 10 professors were voyted by the OWU community to be up to the challenge of doing this in so short of time. 

Dr. Shala J Hankison, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, presented to the audience about dogs, and how Oxytocin, sometimes called the "love hormone" or "cuddle hormone" is released when dogs and humans interact positively.

Dr. Paul Dean, Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Justice who also serves as Department Chair and Coordinator of Faculty Onboarding, talked about the vast differences between working class and middle class cultures, and touched on his own personal experience of growing up working class and  feeling overwhelmed by his new status as middle class.

Dr. Ashley Kennard, Assistant Professor of Communication, gave a detailed explanation of metacommunication and the importance of really thinking about the way we communicate to others.

Dr. Bethany Rudd, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, spoke about the complex situation that is our climate, and connected this to the aerosols that are released by waves crashing in the ocean. 

Dr. Andrew Busch, Associate Professor of Health & Human Kinetics, who serves as Department Chair, gave an interesting speech about how when one’s heart rate gets to the point where they are about to start sweating, their  brain activity and productivity increase by 30%.

Dr. Franchesca Nestor, Associate Professor of Politics & Government, gave the audience insight into how congressional committees are formed, and how underrepresented people of color and other marginalized groups are in these committees. 

Dr. Hank Blume, Assistant Professor in World Languages & Cultures in the field of  Classics talked about fear and anger, and how lessons on this subject from ancient Rome are applicable to today's society.

Dr. Krystal Cashen, Assistant Professor of Psychology, dove into the effect of having LGBTQ+ parents, and the importance of trying to not use comparisons when studying this. 

Dr. Frank Chiou, Associate Professor of Music, shared how different compositions in the Batman franchise reflect the character and themes of the films.

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