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President vandenBerg challenges students to a sledding competition

President vandenBerg showed students that snow on campus can be enjoyable by challenging them to a sled race.

The president posted a photo on Instagram inviting students as well as members of the community to sled at the hill by Stuyvesant Hall on Saturday, January 20th.

Word spread fast and on the day of the race, around 30 students showed up as well as local children and members of the community including Delaware’s mayor. All participants arrived with various forms of “sleds” ranging from traditional sleds to the lids of storage containers to even a giant round table top. 

“The most creative vehicle was a giant round table top.  I didn't have high hopes for its performance, but they managed to get it going down the hill.  If nothing else, you have to respect the commitment,” said vandenBerg. 

The purpose of this event was to promote fun, joy, and social engagement while simultaneously making the best out of the cold and snow.

“Ultimately, this was just about having fun and keeping up a decades-old tradition of OWU students sledding down the hills in front of Stuy.  It was cold, but the recent snowfall made it too good of an opportunity to ignore,” vandenBerg said. 

The day was filled with over an hour of racing, experimenting with different sleds, and a few wipeouts. More importantly, it was filled with countless smiles and laughs. 

“I sure had fun, and the people who showed up smiled and laughed a lot,” vandenBerg said. 

Ohio Wesleyan Senior, Callia Barwick did not partake in the event but did attend to watch the excitement. 


“It was super fun getting to see everyone sled and laugh and have a great time! This is something that I was excited to see as a senior before I graduated and it was such a wonderful experience,” said Barwick. 

Who won this race you might ask?

“We all won, we all won,” said vandenBerg. 

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