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Phi Delta Theta Unveils New House

Phi Delta Theta, or "Phi Delt", is back on campus in their newly renovated home located on “frat hill”, the area on campus that contains each fraternity house.

The new house, funded by generous alumni, includes everything from a new AC system to a basketball court and ping pong table. Amenities also include new furniture and renovated bathrooms.

Starting fresh in a new house, Phi Delt works to establish themselves on campus. “We’re a Fraternity that puts an emphasis on academics” says Phi Delt brother Brandon Edwards, “we want to be known for being a positive influence”.

The house currently has 19 brothers, and the group looks forward to recruitment this spring.

Now out of dorms and into their new home; Phi Delt hopes to usher in a new era, “this is a new group of guys, we don’t want to be defined by our predecessors” , says Edwards.

Anyone interested in finding out what Phi Delt is all about can reach out to them on Instagram @phideltowu.

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