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OWU Swim Team Hopes to Continue Success in Upcoming Season

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Swimming is thought of as a summer sport, but for many collegiate athletes, it’s a year-round commitment. This year Ohio Wesleyan University’s swim and dive team looks to start their season swimmingly.

Collegiate swimming is a competitive sport that requires dedication, discipline, and hard work. Lauren McClymont, a sophomore on the OWU swim team, knows all about the hard work that goes into swimming

“I love swimming. Last year was a success, I’m hoping this year proves to be equally beneficial in my on-campus relationships, and my progress in the pool.”

McClymont swims the 50 and 100-meter freestyle. He’s been competitively swimming all his life around the country, including Louisiana, Georgia, and here in Ohio.

The usual schedule for swimmers is training from 4-6 the pool and then weight-lifting at 8 p.m. throughout the week, except for an off-day on Sunday.

“Challenging yourself not only inside the pool but outside the pool through time management can be difficult, but I think swimming has definitely prepared me for the real world.” Says McClymont.

Collegiate athletes must be able to handle the mental and emotional challenges that come with the sport. The pressure to perform can be intense and prove too much for many people.

“It was a lot,” said Kyle Lucas, a current senior who was on the swim team in his freshman year. “I swam really bad my first year.”

Lucas decided to step away from swimming at the end of his freshman year to focus on his health and school.

“My grades are so much better. I have so much more spending money, and a lot more free time now. It also works out a lot better with my schedule because I’m graduating early, so it just wasn’t worth it anymore.”

Lucas still loves to go and support the swim team and continues to have a good relationship with the swimmers. He plans to gradua

te this spring with a degree in psychology.

This year’s swim team is a group of dedicated athletes who are committed to a winning season this year. They’re working hard to be the best they can be, and with each practice and meet they improve every day.

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