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OWU Soccer Club looks to continue growth

After COVID-19 was declared a national emergency back in March of 2020, alterations have been taking place in the way we learn, celebrate traditions, and experience our day to day lives. Things have fallen apart, gotten built back up, and sometimes even fallen again.  

Since being under the presidency of Junior Nathan Zuniga, the Ohio Wesleyan Soccer Club continues to grow. 

“I joined my freshman year… we had over 40 members,” said Zuniga. “I wasn’t active my sophomore year because I studied abroad in Australia and when I came back that January, the club didn’t exist anymore.” 

Zuniga was approached over the summer preceding the 2023-2024 academic year asking if he would like to become the president of the club. The alteration he’s made is adding futsal during the winter months.

The soccer club is a co-ed group consisting of 35 active members from all different backgrounds and experiences who share an interest in soccer.

“The community is really fun and everyone is really welcoming there. No one is judging anyone and there's a lot of different skill levels there,” said Freshman Heath Miller.

He hopes the club will become more established in the future with games, teams, and more scrimmages.

The club hasn’t received sufficient funding so it has been difficult to organize transportation and coordinate official apparel. Zuniga is hoping to find more opportunities for games to play during the spring seasons for the club.

“My main goal for this semester is to have smooth transitions and ensuring that a foundation is set up so the club doesn't die again.”

In the fall semester of 2023, the team traveled to Ashland University to play against their soccer club. Although the team hasn’t had any official wins, they have been working during their practices to establish team chemistry and the inner workings of how they can maximize their strengths when put on the field together. 

As the days pass and the semester progresses, hope rises that the soccer club at the university will remain in strong standing with the current members. 

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