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OWU’s Campus Programming Board Adapts to Changing Protocols

Several covid restrictions were reinstated this spring after cases of the omicron variant steadily climbed over winter break.

Organizations on campus such as the Campus Programming Board (CPB) have had to work hard on creative ways to continue bringing entertaining events to campus while also ensuring the safety of the OWU community.

CPB’s Co-President, sophomore Annie Marazita, explained, “The mission of the Campus Programming Board is to plan entertaining events that enrich the social life on campus as well as provide its members with leadership experience. Furthermore, as a large club with special privileges, CPB lifts the voices of smaller groups and organizations to educate and encourage inclusivity.”

CPB’s Entertainment Director, sophomore Deshawn Rode, added, “[CPB] is a safe place where like-minded, creative students gather to better the campus.”

Though coronavirus has posed unprecedented challenges on the organization’s ability to plan wide-scale events such as A Cappellooza and Day on the JAY, the club has learned to navigate the pandemic by incorporating DIY crafts that students can take back to their dorm rooms, socially distanced seating at events, grab-and-go food, and tickets and registration which help manage the number of individuals at events and aid in contact tracing.

Over the last two years, CPB has learned to come up with creative ways to continue bringing fun and free entertainment to campus so students can experience as close to a traditional college experience as possible.

“I think many of us are yearning for a normal college semester and to feel a genuine connection to campus,” said Marazita.

In addition to planning for the ensuing semester, CPB is also accepting new members this spring.

All OWU students, regardless of year or major, are welcome in the organization, and the club provides a variety of committees that pertain to its members’ different interests and strengths.

Rode explained, “Being in CPB is a great way to stay involved on campus and meet new friends.”

CPB gives its members opportunities for leadership and professional skills.” He added, “In CPB students are free to be themselves, it is a judgment-free zone, so to me, CPB is now an inseparable part of my OWU experience!”

Marazita added, “Unlike other extracurriculars that may cater to only a specific type of person, I think anyone can feel at home in CPB. We have a reputation for being fun, and your contributions are greatly valued whether that be through bringing talent to campus, coordinating equipment, or designing t-shirts. The more people we have, the more representative we are of the student body, and the more successful our events become.”

Marazita and the rest of the organization hope to be able to bring exciting programs to campus this semester, such as a large-scale concert event, once the number of COVID cases again begin to decrease and COVID-restrictions are safely relaxed on campus.

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