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OWU International Program Helps Students Make Meaningful Connections

Although Niamh Campbell, Matina Trigkoni, and Sejal Bhojwani come from different parts of the world, the three young women are linked through the International Program at Ohio Wesleyan University. Something else they have in common? What they learned from it: the importance of relationships.

Campbell is no stranger to new adventures thanks to her love for international travel. She explained that perhaps the most useful opportunity she’s come across so far was when she got to go to Spain and stay with her friend who she met through the OWU Connection, for free.

“I would’ve definitely not been able to afford a place to stay in Barcelona if she hadn’t offered,” Campbell said.

She went on to share plans to visit other international friends from college and expand her cultural knowledge while having the option to avoid expensive hotels.

Thessaloniki-born Trigkoni discusses the vitality of building relationships in college for future career opportunities. “I’ve met some of my closest friends here at OWU, but I’m also always on the lookout for people who could be useful to me in the years to come. As a business major, I kind of have to have that mentality already.”

Her dream is to open her own enterprise one day.

“Sponsors and partners are extremely important if you want to start any type of company. Because I’d want to eventually expand across borders, international contacts will be incredibly useful. Elements such as manufacturing and shipping thrive on these types of collaborations.”

Trigkoni shares that she’s already made some plans with other like-minded international students. “I’m excited about what the mixture of our distinctive backgrounds will create.”

Bhojwani’s closeness to her family and love for her home made it difficult to study abroad.

“I would get emotional constantly, and I’d call my parents to hear their voices because I missed them so much,” she said.

However, she soon found out that she wasn’t alone in feelings, as numerous international students were going through the same emotions.

“I hung out more and more with the other kids who I had met through the program, and found a second family,” the student said through a smile.

Bhojwani, who also has Indian roots, explains how her involvement with the South-Asian community on campus has also played a huge role in making her feel less lonely: “We cook traditional meals regularly and speak in my native tongue, which makes me feel nostalgic in the best way!”

Whether one wants to find ways to explore new sights on a budget, create a business plan for post-graduation life, or simply have a supportive group of friends, the OWU Connection is the place to go. The best part? Anyone is welcome to be a part of it.

Leaders are needed every year to guide and assist the incoming freshmen, tour guides are much appreciated so Delaware can be explored. This is the perfect opportunity to help fellow Bishops settle into their new temporary home and make great friends with unique stories along the way!

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