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OWU first-year students find Rush Week exciting, scary

Updated: Mar 28

Rush week is a tradition for many colleges and universities for students to learn about the sororities and fraternities on campus.

Some first-year students were excited about being able to join a sorority. Others were nervous and weren’t sure if they wanted to commit to a sorority.

Audrey Young, a freshman at OWU, was apprehensive about the process.

“I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. After going to the events the first few days, I started to feel more comfortable with all the girls there.”

Young loved getting to meet many new people and learn from their experiences and past years of being a part of a sorority.

The events happening during rush week involved a mix of social activities. Students loved getting to know about the different sororities. For many, this week was an opportunity to make different connections and find out where they truly belong.

“I wanted to join a sorority because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself,” says Lauren Gray, a first-year student. “I was looking for a place to make connections with other people and where I could be myself.”

While the events can be exciting and fun, students may also feel the pressure of making good impressions.

Another first-year freshman student, Maizie Frank, said she felt the pressure.

“I was worried about saying the wrong thing or not fitting in. It helped when I just focused on being me and having fun.”

Frank didn’t worry as much once she let go. She focused on being herself and had fun.

Rush week can be challenging but rewarding. Students learn more about themselves as they navigate through the rush week process.

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