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Not Just You: Pretty Much Everyone is Exhausted (Opinion)

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

This time of year, it’s expected for students to feel burnt out. But it seems like this year is an especially rough one for an unusually high number of students. Ask almost anyone on campus, and they’ll share that this year is especially tough. What’s causing this oppressive atmosphere of malaise, and what can be done about it?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that this is the first year we’re entirely back in swing after COVID-19. Deadlines are more stringent, and things aren’t recorded anymore.

But more so than anything, the chaos of recovering seems to be affecting not only students, but also teachers negatively. Many, eager to go back to how things were, have stopped using Blackboard altogether, much to the dismay of students around campus.

"The lack of organization makes everything so much harder than it needs to be," commented Callie Lang. If most students on campus haven’t even experienced the “normal” way things are done, is it really reasonable to expect people to be on their “A” game so quickly?

Many students think not, and are taking action. But what can you do? If you find yourself frustrated with the way a class or teaching method has changed, express your concern to your professors. They’re trying just as hard as students to navigate this, and thoughtful, constructive suggestions are often lifelines to straighten out and make sense of what can feel like a tangle of loose ends. Whether it’s posting the lecture slides online, or asking to be able to record, it never hurts to ask.

Finally, but crucially, what can you do to help you? If you find yourself in need of more immediate solutions, these may be better as you’re waiting for broader change.

Gabrielle Magid suggests copying the entirety of your classes’ syllabi into organizational apps like Google Calendar or Google Keep. These apps can emulate the structure of blackboard that many students relied on heavily to keep on track, bringing a bit of that lost order back. Easing back into socialization can help, as well.

It’s very tempting to go overboard on parties after the pandemic kept us all separate for so long, but too much of anything is bad, and hangovers and lack of sleep can deal some serious blows to concentration. Lastly, Beeghly Library’s Honors Lounge can be a great place to isolate yourself and get down to business.

Keep your heads up, Bishops! It’s tough right now, but take solace in knowing that everyone is feeling that way. You’ve got people ready to listen everywhere.

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