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Greek Life Organizations Participate in Formal Recruitment

Ohio Wesleyan’s fraternities and sororities held formal recruitment during the first and second weeks of in-person classes.

Greek Life has been a common staple of college life for centuries. Ohio Wesleyan is home to a number of sororities and fraternities on campus, and recruitment is one of the biggest events to these organizations.

The process can be confusing, especially to those unfamiliar with Greek life. A number of sororities and fraternities shared an inside look at the process of recruitment to help break it down for those who haven't been involved.

Sorority recruitment is a structured process, it is highly regulated and all sororities must comply with the rules and regulations. The main event is Formal Recruitment, which ensures that the women interested in joining a sorority get a chance to know each sorority in an unbiased manner.

This year each sorority got to set up a small booth inside Hamilton Williams and participants went from table to table getting to know the different sororities. At the end of this process the girls are invited into the sorority that seems the best match for both those hoping to join and the sororities themselves.

Fraternities take a much more relaxed approach to recruitment. They host everything from laid-back watch parties to trips to art installations like Otherworld. Fraternities take a slow approach to recruitment, taking their time to get to know each other and find a good fit for the house. Towards the end of this process fraternities invite their potential new members (better known as PNM’s) to join the brotherhood.

Greek life is an excellent way for Bishops to get involved on campus and connect with lifelong friends. Julia Shorey of Kappa Alpha Theta said “I had a hard time getting involved freshman year. I knew people in Greek life but didn't initially think I would like it. Now it has become one of the most important parts of my life at Ohio Wesleyan.”

Recruitment may seem intimidating for those not involved but the process when broken down is a much less daunting task. Those who did not participate in fall recruitment have not missed out, if one finds a connection to an individual house and participate in an informal recruitment process at any point in their time at Ohio Wesleyan.

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