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From the Managing Editor: Goals for Our Publication

During the Spring 2023 semester, The Transcript published a total of 32 articles. As a staff, we aim to build upon this work this Fall. We hope The Transcript will be a reliable and timely resource that the campus community can use to stay informed and entertained.

Photo courtesy of John Hulkenberg on the OWU Flickr page.

This semester, The Transcript will continue to spotlight individuals and groups around campus who are doing meaningful work, whether in terms of academics, extracurriculars, community-building, or anything that uplifts those around them. We also want to advertise community events that are accessible to students and will enrich their college experience.

While we plan to highlight those who are having or creating positive experiences in our community, we also acknowledge the ongoing challenges that we as a campus community face.

Whether it is the continued presence of heightened political polarization, the annual change in campus population and culture, or the turnover of campus policies, our current climate is anything but normal, and our coverage will reflect that. We hope to give voices to people within our campus community, especially those who are not always heard or respected on issues that affect us.

Our staff is hard at work creating content to engage and inform our audience, and we look forward to continuing such work this coming semester.

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