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First Gen Investors Looks for Increased Involvement

First Gen Investors, a new club at OWU, is a 501c3 non profit that teaches high school students important financial concepts.

First Gen Investors also provides each student $100 dollars to invest in the stock market, in hopes to build their knowledge in a practical way. This program lasts 8 weeks with a one hour lesson each week. Last semester OWU students met each Friday to teach the students involved.

Last semester there were 5 members helping run this program, however the loss of members the club is experiencing has forced the club to stop it's helpful instruction.

“We had to halt because people just wouldn't join, '' says club leader, Reese Little. This year Resse is a senior, meaning if the club continues to face low turnout, it will likely not be able to continue on campus next year. Reese would like to encourage OWU students not only to get involved in First Gen Investors but other clubs too.“It really is a great opportunity for business and finance majors, it looks good on a resume and is great volunteer work,” he says.

As a senior with his time in college coming to an end Reese leaves a final remark to those with more time left on campus. Reese encourages students to look for organizations on campus that coordinate with both their interests and major.

He adds that joining campus groups is a good way to “ connect with people and have conversations you normally wouldn’t have.”

Clubs across campus are looking for more student involvement and looking to get their name out there to students. Many OWU students may not be joining these organizations simply because they don’t know about them.

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