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Delta Zeta ceremony interrupted by gas leak

On Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the members of the Delta Zeta chapter at OWU were preparing to have a ceremony at their house to welcome their new members. They just gained eight new members from the past weekend's recruitment process. 

The new president, Michaela Alfano, and the New Member Educator, Abby Bennett, got to the house early to set up for the event. However, when they got to the house and went downstairs to try and gather some of the needed materials they were hit by a wave of heat and a gross smell. The girls immediately called 911 as they suspected it could be a gas leak. 

The Delaware Fire Department was sent to the scene to check things out. The former president, Ellie Harshbarger, was called by a public safety officer who requested her arrival to let him into the house. 

The girls of the chapter at the scene were asked to wait outside while everything was inspected. After a few minutes, the fireman returned outside with the girls of the chapter and gave them the update that they did not find anything and the girls were safe to return. 

The girls however continued to wait outside for safety. They had already called a gas inspector and their handyman for the house as well as their College Campus Director (CCD) to come and inspect the scene further. After the handyman and gas inspector checked things out they confirmed the sad news that there was in fact a gas leak in the house that needs tending to immediately.  

The members of Delta Zeta can not enter the house again until they are given the all clear that things are once again safe. What a way for the Delta Zeta girls to spend their Wednesday evening!

Since last Wednesday, January 31st, the handyman for the OWU Delta Zeta house has gotten things adjusted for the girls so the house is now safe to enter. However, the girls must wait to turn on heat until the new boiler arrives at the house which currently does not have an expected delivery date.

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