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ChatGPT Prompts Worries about AI Misuse in the Classroom

ChatGPT is a chatbot that accomplishes a wide variety of tasks such as writing complete essays, making music, answering questions, and more. Along with its high popularity comes the worry that college students could possibly misuse this advancement in technology.

OWU freshman Brian Sweeney believes students may already be improperly using the technology.

“I’m sure some students are already using it in some capacity.” Sweeney explained that it would be hard to “regulate this technology,” but believes that ChatGPT could be used to a student’s advantage, like a tool rather than a weapon.

Matthew Kamefer suggested that it would take a lot of work for a student to take the time to learn and use the technology. Kamefer proposed that it might not be as utilized on the college level.

OWU Computer Science Professor Sean McCulloch, said that “from a computer science perspective it is impressive,” but from a professor’s standpoint, it is quite the opposite.

McCulloch agreed that students are using ChatGPT, but he does believe that professors could detect if this technology is being utilized. McCulloch pointed out that ChatGPT has a “very distinctive voice in its writing.” As long as professors know that this technology is out there, McCulloch believes it wouldn’t be hard to recognize its usage.

AI technology has grown quite a bit in recent years. ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, has just been that next step towards a future where technology is much more prominent. Yet, it is important to note that ChatGPT isn’t perfect. McCulloch talked about how he was able to get ChatGPT to spit out wrong answers to simple questions such as 5+9.

McCulloch expressed that pretty much everything done since the 1980s is because of technology. Some are now concerned about its future.

“This is as far as I want it to go with AI,” Kamefer said.

Kamefer said it almost “seems dangerous” about where AI technology can potentially go.

Technology advancements come with pros and cons. ChatGPT can do good for some, but harm for others. Colleges will learn how to deal with the issue of ChatGPT and similar technology. The future is bright, but we will have to wait and find out how bright it truly will shine for AI.

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