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Campus Employee “Big E” Brings Positivity to Students

Most everyone at OWU knows Erik Brewer as “Big E,” the fun Boar’s Head employee who loves to talk to others while he’s making your sandwich.

Brewer wants to create an environment where people can come and get a sandwich and a little break from the stress they deal with on a daily basis.

“He builds me up when I have a bad day,” said Wyatt McQueen, a senior at OWU.

McQueen then goes on to describe how he sees and observes how Big E engages with students and how his outgoing personality is how he got his nickname.

Big E got his nickname from his soccer friends in 2008 the name has stuck on the job, because of his big stature, big personality and big voice.

He’s been working at Ohio Wesleyan for a little over 20 years. He started working at OWU after moving from Charlotte, North Carolina.

His grandmother was working at the former pizza shop at Welch Hall and convinced him to join her there. And, he hasn’t left OWU since.

Because of his big personality, he can sometimes seem harsh or intimidating, but he is loved by so many for his big, bubbly attitude.

Though McQueen has not known Brewer for long, he says that Big E has not only majorly influenced him but has also influenced others in so many ways.

When observing Big E, you can see how his presence can make others feel lighter and more relaxed.

One thing that sticks out the most is his ability to read people. If he sees someone having a bad day he tries to cheer them up. If he sees someone who looks like they are in a bad mood or doesn't look like they want to be social that day he may try to lighten the mood but if that doesn’t work, he backs off.

Big E’s number one goal at his sandwich shop is to make students feel comfortable and to make connections. He loves to talk to students and joke with them. While some are not quite as fond of his big personality, in general, people appreciate his attempt to lighten things up.

Most adults look down on students or younger folks because they believe that they are too young to know anything. Big E has a different point of view.

“Who am I to say you don’t know that? I don’t know what they went through or their experiences and they don’t know mine,” Big E said.

Big E believes that we have so much to learn from the younger generations because they can see things that the older generations don’t. That is why he strives to listen and engage with students because then he is constantly learning.

Not only does Big E give so much to the people around him but he also receives so much from them as well. Even though Big E has worked here for so long, He still learns something new everyday.

“People can say things to you something and you don't understand that but maybe it something that could help you and maybe you shouldn't look that just someone young told something. That's what I learned the most being here because it's such young energy and creativity and that keeps you young.”

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