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Best Study Spots on Campus

Are you an Ohio Wesleyan University student who can’t seem to find the right place to study? Are you looking for a new study spot? Well, look no further!  Here is a compiled list of the top five study spots on campus.

Each area has its own attributes, whether it is quiet and sunny, dark and secluded, or includes a coffee bar. You might just be surprised at what you find. 

The first study spot is one we all know and love, Slocum Hall. Slocum offers a large study room with lots of seating and light, perfect for doing work with friends. 

However, if you want to study alone, you can head upstairs and find peace in one of the smaller rooms. They provide benches, swivel chairs, and squishy chairs in order for you to feel comfortable. 

The Schimmel-Conrades Science Center is a great spot for those who have a lot of science courses. OWU student Bailey Weise likes the decor at the center.

“It is quiet in there, there’s lots of windows and I like the plants and the bright lights.” 

There are many nooks and crannies within the building, making for lots of little quiet spaces, perfect for studying for exams. 

If you’re looking for a place with more hustle and bustle, then Hamilton-Williams Campus Center is the place for you. Areas off of the stairwells with small tables and chairs are perfect for studying by yourself or with a group. 

Junior Preston Pethel says, “I like the music they play. It gives a good vibe.” 

Food and coffee options in the building allows students to stay all day if needed. 

In the place of Beeghly Library is the Hobson Science Library. Located on the math side of the science center, this quiet room is perfect for reading, studying, or doing homework. 

There are printer options available, along with connected “quiet rooms” that provide insulating walls in order to keep everyone comfortable. Hobson has tables and comfy chairs as well. 

Finally, we have the study rooms of Smith Hall on the residential side of campus. These rooms are very popular, especially among freshmen, because they are so available. The rooms have whiteboards, tables, and windows that allow lots of light. 

“My friends and I love studying in Smith. It’s perfect because you can either talk and study, or just listen to music but still be in the same room. We also love to draw on the whiteboards,” OWU freshman Kiera Elliot said.

Smith also has dining and food options, making it an ideal study area.

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