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Beeghly Library Update

Ohio Wesleyans Beeghly Library has been closed for over six months and from the students’ perspective there has been no outward progress. The lack of updates from school administration and faculty have left many students feeling left in the dark. 

Dee Peterson, director of libraries at Ohio Wesleyan, clarified that the library was shut down due to a variety of issues. In September 2023, Ohio Wesleyan hosted a town hall to update people on the progress of Beeghly Library where administrators discussed the next steps for Beeghly itself but also replacements for services offered at Beeghly. 

Four months later Peterson responded to a question about whether or not the current building would be torn down or remodeled by admitting “we will be better able to answer this after we begin our work with the architect.” 

A project of this size without a doubt requires multiple donors or a generous donation from one person. 

“The library is a top priority with our Advancement team,” Peterson said. After speaking with Dawn Percer, the Assistant to the Vice President of University Advancement, there is finally an update. 

“We are in fact finding and designing a portion of the process, deciding what we want in the library so that we know what we are fundraising for and have the ability to begin fundraising.” 

Ohio Wesleyan students understand the safety issues and why it was necessary to close the library; however, they have expressed frustration with the school's communication.

Reagan Davis, a sophomore Ohio Wesleyan student tour guide, expressed her disappointment with the lack of updates and communication.

“Discussing Beeghly feels taboo, when questions arise on tours, no one knows how to form a ‘correct’ response.” 

Not having a full library on campus is bound to create questions from prospective students. Peterson said the university is doing its best to provide library services.

“A library consists of people, places/spaces, and things (collection and services). Fortunately, we have been able to continue to offer all of these to the campus community.”  

Davis has a different perspective. “Even if a family is satisfied with the relocated resources, having no answer as to when the main library could even be open, tends to leave a bad taste in the potential families’ mouths.” 

Student safety was another concern Davis expressed since the closure of Beeghly. “Beeghly being the closest academic building on campus, even entering or exiting the library late at night never felt dangerous.” 

Now students have to cross South Sandusky Street in order to walk to Slocum as the next closest library. 

Ohio Wesleyan students want to feel heard and a part of the process for this new library and as of right now students are upset with the secrecy and hush-hush nature of this project. 

“Many of us feel left in the dark regarding plans moving forward,” Davis said.

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Keep pressure on the administration to share details. Is there any insurance coverage? How much of the collection is affected? Keep the updates coming. Good job.

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